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Werewolves & Vampires 7 Book Bundle

Werewolves & Vampires 7 Book Bundle

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Get 7 Fantasy and Paranormal Romance novels from Leia Stone, all in the Wolf Girl world!

Books included in bundle:
  • Wolf Girl
  • Lost Girl
  • Alpha Girl 
  • Mated Girl
  • The Dark Bite
  • The Dark Bond
  • The Dark Soul

Series Synopses


When my parents were banished from Wolf City before I was born, I thought there was no way I would ever live in a pack again. Cuffed, with my shifter magic bound, I was forced to go to school with witches and vampires in order to keep my true nature from coming out.

Then I met him. Sawyer Hudson.

The Alpha’s son was visiting the Delphi College for Magically Banished Youth and spotted me. He took one look at me, and an hour later, I was being pulled out of school, taken into Wolf City and leaving my parents and everything I knew behind.

It’s the Alpha’s son’s selection year, the year he must pick a mate, and every female aged 18-22 must be in attendance. I’ve landed myself in the middle of Werewolf Bachelor, and just when I think I’ve got a handle on things, Sawyer releases my cuffs, unbinds my magic, and sees what I really am.

The problem is, I don’t know what this creature is that I transform into. It’s not an ordinary werewolf, that’s for damn sure.


Vampires are the spawn of the devil. Evil to the core… or so I thought, until one of them saves my life.

As a member of the House of Rose, a division of the Vampire Hunter Society, I’ve got one of the highest kill records on file. I track my mark and don’t stop until the job is done.

That is, until my mark saves my life. Luka Drake isn’t like the vampires I’ve been hunting for the past five years, and despite the fact that he’s a vampire prince fresh out of Magic City Prison for committing God knows what crime, I can’t kill him.

My only other option is to walk away and pretend our paths never crossed. I’m about to pull it off but Luka pulls me back, and in the worst way possible, in a way that changes everything.

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Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Andrews

Great, fantastic, A+ I can’t tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading these books and other Leia Stones Stories. I hadn’t read for years after the loss of my daughter then I discovered Leia and then wham. I totally love reading again thanks to Leia and her exceptional way with words and plots in her stories