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Leia Stone & Julie Hall

Shadow Angel Special Edition OMNIBUS Hardback

Shadow Angel Special Edition OMNIBUS Hardback

Shadow Angel Books 1-3

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The Shadow Angel series, with 10,000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews, offered in Limited Quantity as a Special Edition Omnibus (all 3 books in one!)

Almost 700 pages of goodness in one pretty package!

✨ Gold Foiled Dust Jacket
✨ Gold Foiled Sprayed Edges
✨ Illustrated Art on Front and Back Endpages
✨ Illustrated Hardbound Case Cover
✨ Full Width Chapter Headings
✨ Signed by Leia Stone

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From the moment I saw the shadows come to life, I knew my world would never be the same.

Yesterday, I was a teenager waiting tables in Manhattan, and today, monsters exist and I can see them.

Overnight, I'm thrown in to the real of the Watchers, a society of earthbound angels split into two factions: The Shades, whose powerful dark magic is given to them by the fallen angels, and the Lumens, whose abilities are bestowed on them by the archangels of Avalon.

They're on opposite sides of a brutal war, and I only have a few days to pick which side I want to join. I'm ready to choose when the Shades force my Andy cursing someone I love.

The only hope I have of saving them rests on the broad shoulders of the prickliest Shade alive, Gage Alston. He's cold, arrogant, and quite possibly the most attractive guy I've ever laid eyes on.

Do I trust him? No

Do I need him? Yes

Do I want to kiss him? Maybe

Perhaps I'll choose darkness after all.

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Customer Reviews

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Charity Sneed
Beautiful omnibus!

I love this story so much and this special edition omnibus is gorgeous♥️♥️♥️


Amazing books and stories. They are simply stunning