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Saving the Fae

Saving the Fae

Daughter of Light series Book 3

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Book 3 of the Daughter of Light series ★

Everything Lily thought she knew about Liam was a lie.

After kicking him out of Faerie, she decides to seek the crystals alone. State after state, she scours the country but comes up with nothing.

When she gets back to Faerie, defeated and broken hearted, she finds a peace offering from Liam.

Faerie needs her now more than ever and she needs Liam’s help. She must push through her heartbreak and save her world before it's lost forever.

Chapter One Excerpt

My chest felt like it might explode. It was so tight I could barely breathe.

Liam killed my mom.

My soulmate killed my mother!

Pain sliced through my heart as I remembered her lying there, bleeding out in the bathtub.

It was because of Liam, not his father…

Light burst from my palms, and the walls of the hut shook. The Winter King had just taken all of Faeries’ crystals, but I’d managed to save one. And now, Liam and his men were gone, and my people needed me. But I couldn’t control my grief and anger well enough to leave this hut and see them. I couldn’t be what they needed right now.

“Lily!” Elle’s voice rang throughout the village as sobs wracked my chest.

Light shot from my palms, collapsing part of the roof as I struggled to contain my power.

“Lily!” Elle burst into the space, covering her eyes against the glowing sunlight that engulfed me.

“He killed her!” I wailed.

I slept with him… I had sex with the man who murdered my mother. I was going to be sick.

“What?” Elle looked confused. She held her hands out as if approaching a rabid dog.

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