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Promised To Him

Promised To Him

Wolfed series Book 2

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★ Book 2 of the Wolfed series ★

I'm a shell of a human being, a ghost of my former self.

My circumstances have nearly broken me but Maddy is there to keep me sane. Together we plot a way out of here, we comfort one another on hard days.

My twentieth birthday is coming up and I've decided that if I'm going to die anyway, I might as well kill Silas and take that bastard with me.

Curse be dammed.

My only wish is that I could see Brayden one last time before I go...

This is the final book in the 2 part Wolfed series.

Chapter One Excerpt

I don’t remember much of those first two days after the fight, I was in too much of a state of shock. Silas made us live in a seedy hotel while he “procured our next living arrangement.” Whatever that meant. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care about anything.

“Get up!” Silas snapped, and my body rose from the bed into a sitting position against my will. A growl rumbled in my throat and Silas tipped his head back and laughed.

He was a master of control. He could force my body to do anything he willed, and that terrified me. I didn’t want to even try to use my ten percent of Greywolf power against him for fear it would get me killed if he found out that I was Wren.

Wren. I was Wren.

A sob formed in my throat and Maddy sat up in the bed next to me and rubbed small circles across my back.

Every night that I lay down to fall asleep, I couldn’t get two things out of my head.

Brayden saying, I choose you.
Leah saying, Brayden, I remember you.

They haunted me simultaneously and tore at my heart and soul. Were Leah and Brayden married yet? Did he miss me at all? I didn’t really want to know the answer to either of those questions but I thought about them often.

Silas walked over to hover above me. “Don’t be sad, sweet Lena.” He still thought I was Lena, and that was probably best for both Leah’s and my sake. “I can keep your bed warm while Brayden is away.” Silas reached down, stroked my cheek and I whimpered.

“Touch her again and I’ll remove your balls,” Maddy snarled from her place beside me.

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